89 instructions for use of gold extraction agent

89 gold extraction-S (refer to the instructions for use of primary ore reagents).
1, adjusting the pH value to 10-12; Stabilize at about 10, which is lower than the base number required by sodium cyanide and other environmental protection agents.
2. During heap leaching or pool leaching, according to the best leaching concentration determined by experiments, prepare a certain concentration of gold extracting agent solution for spraying or soaking.
3. When stirring and leaching, leaching is carried out according to the optimum concentration of ore pulp, concentration of gold extracting agent and leaching time determined by experiments;
4. During the leaching process, determine the concentration of gold extracting agent regularly, and add gold extracting agent in time when the concentration decreases.
5. Administer the medicine normally without any pretreatment. The leaching rate is about 85%, and it can reach 97% under catalytic conditions. (The fineness of ore particles is best about 200 mesh)
6. The concentration of the drug can be controlled at about 5/10000.