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1. The price of 89 gold extracting agents (high sulfur and high arsenic, 89 gold extracting ®, 89-S, AS gold dressing agents) is 19,500 yuan per ton (ex-factory price). Low alkali and low sodium, alkalinity (PH value 9-12) is stable at about 10, and gold can be leached normally. The product is a block original medicine, which ensures the stability of the product without blending, and the purity of the product is over 98%. The leaching rate of primary ore and sulfide ore (ore containing sulfur or arsenic) is more than 30% higher than that of cyanide method and stone-sulfur mixture series reagents! Packing: 25 kg double woven bag.
2. Stone sulfur mixture (stone sulfur plus alkali mixture _ stone sulfur + alkali catalytic mixture, 89-L) is powdery and old. The price per ton is 13,500 yuan (ex-factory price); Packing: 25 kg composite paper bag or 40 kg woven bag.

89 gold extraction agent (89-S, high sulfur and high arsenic) is a brand-new molecular structure, which is different from the common stone sulfur mixture in the market, and its safe operation is guaranteed.
89 Gold Extraction Agent 2019-12-18 Latest Price

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