About us

Lianyungang gold Chemical Co. Ltd. is a research and development, mainly engaged in gold ore dressing non-toxic chemicals production and sales and technical services provided with manufacturers, non-toxic, gold products with world leading technology and technical services for the gold and silver mining enterprises. The production process is stable and controllable, the product fineness and the efficacy are stable.
89 Gold & high efficient environmental protection agent of gold (89 gold agent) is developed to completely replace sodium cyanide for gold production of high-tech products, products by the “PONY test”, “Jeston certification InfoQuick identified as” ordinary chemicals, products to improve the sea, land and air transportation in the national identification, which is convenient the distribution, use and export business, cooperation for domestic and foreign customers to bring the management cost, transportation cost, production cost and other tangible benefits and easy production environment.
The company is located in the beautiful Jiangsu Lianyungang, logistics developed, convenient transportation, suitable for a large number of procurement. The company has a number of patented technologies, the existing production capacity of an annual output of 10000 tons, the company has all production and sales team. The operation mechanism of flexible and reasonable, can be adjusted timely according to the change of the market dealers Rangli, service to consumers, in cooperation with the 89 gold can make your career strive for further improvement. The company established a product supervision system, the implementation of the whole process of product quality tracking supervision, with scientific testing methods to ensure the quality of products; cooperate with you, together, to expand the market, together with new brilliant.