89 tijin leaching compound

89 tijin leaching compound

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    “89 gold leaching compound” of environmental protection is based on the lime sulfur of the second generation, further improve the production process and optimize the structure of the formula structure to make the leaching effect result and stability attain further improvement. (If you have purchased the product with black or gray layer crystal layer, we explicitly tell you, that is the compound’s invalid ash which does not work in the gold leaching reaction but only increases the weight of the product that you bought, and affects the stability of the compound ) The appearance of “89 gold leaching compound ” is a white solid block. The usage is same with the sodium cyanide. Leaching effect and stability of our product is better than other similar products.

Environmentally-friendly gold leaching compound

With increasingly stringent requirements of environmental protection is the world, the traditional way of cyanide extracting gold gradually becomes more and more restricted. The new green gold leaching compound of environmental protection will play a more important role.9提金剂(高硫高砷,原生矿,硫氧混合矿适用

“89 gold leaching compound ” is a stable gold leaching compound of environmental protection, which is improved and practically used for many years. The effect and stability of the product in use have reached a satisfactory level. The product is non-toxic, non-pollution, and performance results are stable and consistent. Someone may asks:how does our 89 gold leaching compound compared with other similar products? In fact, whether the product is good or inferior is easy to judge. To have the products of different manufacturers dissolved in water to observe the solubility and solution.